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iGB Affiliate Awards 2018 - Nominations

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The full process can be found below and viewed on our website

1.) Submit your entries

Anyone working within the iGaming Affiliate industry can submit nominations to the iGB Affiliate Awards whether entering themselves, their organisation or nominating on behalf of an individual or organisation. Just visit the "Enter" page to submit your entry. Please note that you will only be able to submit one entry per category.

2) Nominations reviewed by the board

Upon the closing of nominations, all of the nominations received will be sent through to the nominations board. This board of specially selected experts will assess each nominee against the category criteria and together will decide the final shortlist.​

3) Shortlist announced 

On the day that the shortlist is announced the top 7 entrants in each category, as deemed by the nominations board, will be shortlisted and announced. This highly commended list will be announced at the awards evening and the winners presented with their trophies.

4) Submit criteria forms

Those shortlisted (the top entrants per category) will be sent a submission form for completion to explain how they meet the criteria for each award. These completed forms will then be submitted to the judging panel.The criteria will focus on the last 12 months and not before – This year the theme and main judging focus will be "Tenacity".​

5) Judging panel

Once submission forms are received, our judging panel, which consists of independent experts to ensure that the integrity of the awards are upheld, will evaluate each short listed nomination against the judging criteria in order to select the final winners.The judging process is a rigorous and thorough procedure; each nomination will be considered upon their form submission entry and evaluated against the judging criteria.

The judging panel will analyse and assess all applicant submissions against specific award category criteria where there will assign defined marks against each criteria point providing an overall total. There will also be a head judge for each category who is accountable for the final decision collated with his fellow judges. The judge’s decision will be final but the head judge will only get involved if it’s a tie.

The judging panel will complete a document for each award that clearly defines why each winner won. These will be made available for you to view.